Workplace Dehydration

Don’t Let Your Employees Become Dehydrated

Water provides vital nutrients to cells, regulates our internal body temperature, metabolizes carbohydrates and proteins, flushes waste, produces saliva, lubricates joints, and acts as a shock absorber for our brain and spinal cord. Up to 60% of an adult body is made of water, and 73% of the brain is composed of water. Our bodies need water to properly function. During the work day, most employees are so focused on their job that they don’t take the time to drink enough water to stay hydrated. By the time you feel thirsty, you are actually experiencing mild dehydration.

dehydrated employee

It makes no difference if you are doing strenuous work outdoors or sitting indoors at a desk, the negative effects of dehydration are the same.

When employees are dehydrated they:

  • call in sick more often
  • produce less work
  • process information slowly
  • eat more junk food
  • become grumpy

Studies show that 1% dehydration can decrease worker productivity by 12%, while 3-4% dehydration causes an alarming 25-50% decline in performance. Decreased performance comes in the form of slower reaction times, decreased cognitive abilities, reduced alertness, and diminished concentration.

An office water service can provide fresh, clean, filtered water for your business to ensure the health and productivity of your employees.

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