5 Mistakes to Avoid with a Coffee Service

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding on a Coffee Service

Choosing a coffee service can be tricky when there are so many factors to consider and plenty of providers to choose from. Of course, the two basic questions people ask are:

  • What kind of coffee machine does our office need?
  • What kind of coffee do we want?
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1. Sells High-End Coffee Makers but Low-Quality Coffee

Serving high-quality, fresh coffee is essential for the coffee drinking crowd. They will know the difference. Your coffee provider may offer the fanciest single cup brewer or pod brewing machine, but if their coffee isn’t high quality your employees will not be happy. Find out what kind of coffee selection the provider offers. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, research the most popular brands of coffee in the workplace. Some suppliers will use local blends that may be less known, but that does not necessarily mean they are low quality. Often times, local brands are fresher and fuller in flavor than those that are packaged, stored, and then shipped long distances.

2. Offers a Limited Selection

Starbucks is a favorite for many people. But there are a lot of other people out there who think it tastes burnt and bitter. Rather than choose a supplier based on a single brand, find a supplier that offers a wide variety of brands and blends. That way, if your employees tire of a certain flavor or brand, they have other options to choose from. Find out more about the top selling coffee brands. Additionally, there is often a crowd of tea-drinkers in the office. Ask your local suppliers if they offer tea and how much variety there is in flavor. This can be a win-win for both crowds.

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3. Fails to Keep Track of Inventory

There is nothing worse than walking into the break room to find an empty pot of coffee. Or reaching for your favorite single cup blend and finding it is out. This can be incredibly frustrating for employees. A good coffee service knows how to anticipate peaks and troughs in demand because they ask the appropriate questions about the volume of coffee consumed during the initial office consultation. Research customer reviews and testimonials on your local providers regarding their ability to maintain a consistent inventory.

4. Doesn’t Stand Behind Their Product

If your coffee machine breaks, you want to know that the supplier will stand by their product. Look for suppliers that offer maintenance and equipment training as part of their total package.

Group of Customer Service Representatives

5. Poor Communication

One of the biggest complaints people make about office coffee services is the difficulty in contacting the appropriate representative within the organization. Often times, the service provider is large, which means you are transferred around a lot before finally getting in touch with the right person. Other times, they are not timely in their response to an issue. A good supplier should respond within 1-2 business days for a maintenance or re-stocking request.

Additionally, a good supplier should be checking in on a regular basis to find out how the customers like the coffee, if they want to change anything, or if they have any feedback or suggestions for improving their service. Communication is key when choosing an office coffee service provider. Without it, inventory will run low, repairs will be delayed and employees won’t be very happy.

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