The Good and the Bad of Remote-Cooled Ice Machine Condensers

Remote-Cooled Ice Condensers

When you are looking for a commercial ice machine, you not only need to think about what type of ice you want and how much you need your ice machine to produce, but you also need to think about what type of condenser will meet your production needs. The compressor is the refrigeration system for your ice maker. In fact, most ice machines can be paired with more than one type of condenser, so you do have some choices. While most businesses will choose an air-cooled condenser, water-cooled and remote-cooled are also options.

3 full-cube pieces of ice

keep cool

Advantages of Remote-Cooled

  • Heat is produced outside the building
  • Reduces air conditioning costs inside the building
  • Cooled by outside air
  • Quiet
  • Flexible choice in placement/location

Disadvantages of Remote-Cooled

  • Expensive installation
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Only practical for large scale operations like grocery stores.

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